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Found 1 result

  1. Perhaps you've noticed the growing popularity of personal live streaming video channels. Thanks to YouTube and some connected webcams there's plenty of romping kittens, wilderness animals, and vacation beaches to watch in real-time. My interest in video camera projects isn't just FPV/drone related and it was only natural for me to get on the live stream bandwagon. That is to say, now our family pet turtle (named Polly) has the starring role on a reptile's version of The Truman Show. Family and friends can now spy on Polly-the-turtle whenever they want. Here's a YouTube video from the PollyCam webcam: (Click Image Below) Being a DiY guy, I rolled up my sleeves and built my own video streaming system called PollyCam. The project's hardware (WiFi IP camera & video encoder) is under $150 US and the software is free. A reliable broadband internet connection with a generous monthly data usage plan is needed too. In case any of you are interested in the technical aspects of this project then you're in luck. Stick around and I'll do my best to explain how to build it.
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