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Found 1 result

  1. I own three different o-scopes. My favorite daily rider is a Tektronix 2245A, circa 1990. I've had it about 20 years (purchased used) and have treated it like a little princess. Aesthetically it looks remarkably good and has maintained its measurement accuracy over the years. It has been a reliable friend indeed. But a few days ago I powered it up and she was dead. No lights, no screen trace, only a brief hiss sound at the moment of power-on. After a 911 panic moment I collected my thoughts and mentally prepared to troubleshoot the power supply. Here's an image of the Tektronix 2245A scope (photo courtesy of a random web search): I'll share all the details in this blog of the scope's repair journey. If fixing old test equipment is something that interests you then hang around the virtual campfire and listen to my story as it unfolds. Hopefully this ride-along workbench adventure has a happy ending.
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