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I am from the Netherlands, and i am trying to build a system for taking aerial pictures as well as using a video downlink.

After several dissapointing projects I finaly found the right combination.

I am using a intellicopter www.intellicopter.de as model. This one flys verry easy even for pilots who are not familliar with helicopters.You can fly it within a couple of hours. It is realy a great flying platforn. It works also with wind. (max 2,5 meters/sec.) I am using an 2,4GHZ 16 channel transmiter /camera . As a receiver I use a 2,4ghz diversity receiver. Specs about the system you can find at www.vtq.de The range is 500 meters. The diersity receiver increased the range dramaticly. The Intellicopter is powered by a 2S lipo 7,4V The weight of the camera with transmitter and converter is 28 grams. The maximum pay load for the intellicopter is 100grams.

I someone is interested in photos of the project please feel free to contact me via E mail

info-AT-nightvision.nl In the future there will be a video at www.nightvision.nl

Please excuse my bad english spelling .

Best regards

Hub Goertz

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