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Newbie... :wacko:

Before I start building a gyro stabilized mount for a cam(if I can manage!), I'd like to know if I should use My DVD cam mounted to my heli or a wireless cam(2.4ghz) then hook it up to the DVD cam on the ground?

Would I be loosing a lot of the quality in the picture by going wireless?

Do I want to expose a $1000.00 cam to heli fuel or use a cheaper wireless?

Is there any restriction in using 2.4ghz?

Is there a good quality and high resolution wireless cam?

I'm new at this so I don't know what I'm doing(YET).

I would like some input from those with experience that have already made the kind of mistake I'm trying to avoid!

Thank You in advance...


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With 2.4 ghz you are risking interferences from computer WiFi networks and telephone sets. If you live anywhere that is not Siberia or Namibia, this will create problems, and certainly not smooth video.

It is better to use an electric helicopter. It has less vibration and absolutely no fuel fumes! ;).

Any 2.4 ghz transmitting equipment that transmitts more than 1mw (this is very little) requires a HAM licence. (at least in the USA).

A good quality and high resolution CCD board camera:


Another good quality camera:


A Good quality 2.4 ghz transmitter:


They also have a product named: "Diversity Receiver" which is supposed to eliminate 2.4 ghz band interferences.

However your best bet would be to use the FINE VX® video function on a quality

Sony® digital camera, or buy a small miniDV camcorder, like the 3CCD line from Panasonic® (they also have a model that records on removable media, and is very small in size).

For starters, check out this guys' site, he uses a 3CCD camcorder, Gyro stabilized, on an electric R/C helicopter with amazing results:


Hope this helps!

Good Luck,


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Thank You!

I have a Raptor 90se(almost finish), easy to get parts, beginer friendly and many people to ask question about setup, besides I need to learn how to fly it (so far so good, I'm trainig on a 50).

So I should look into geting a HAM license if I'm gona use 2.4ghz.

I like the high res. on www.blackwidowav.com but wich 2.4 ghz transmitter should I use?

Small is good, but with a 90 heli weight is not a big problem.

That brings me to my next question, how do you power a 12v. video system lightly keeping in mind that this is only a hobby not a business.

I like quality video but the range only need to be as far as I can see my heli.

As far as video quality, I will need to use my DVD cam and deal with the smoke wich should not be too bad since I should be flying forward while taking video.

I guess I could use a wireless high resolution camera fix to the heli combined with MAHI and TL100 for position and info(volt etc.) and the other cam(DVD) for actual quality video on a gyro stabilized mount, I could also use a 2 video switch to see both video.

I think I'm getting there!

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