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I-Glasses 3D HMD., for FPV?

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I have an oportunity to buy a used set of of the I-Glasses 3D HMD's. Has anyone used this model for FPV flight? Wondering if the image would be ok in an FPV environment.



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Hi Arrio

My headset have the 3D capability. I have also a document that explain how to use two cmos cameras and modify them for 3D vision( I can not send attachement, the file is too big)

The document is old, and the cam suggested are not available, but it's a starting point.

I talk with two peoples who have already made experience in 3D, and both of them tell me it's funny, but the quality of picture is less than 2D, and they prefer to see in 2D. All the work was not justify.

Now I will said something that most of you will not beleive , I use only one cam in my plane or r/c car, but when I select 3D on my headset, something impossible to my knowledge happens, when my r/c car does not move, picture appear 2D, only the flickering of the picture tell me I'm in 3D mode, but when the car is moving, I can clearly see depth, the dashboard of the car appear clearly closer than the outside environnement...

We need two differents angles of perpective for the brain to be able to judge distance, so with one cam, 3D should not be possible. In my r/c car, I think what happens is because of the 30 pictures per second, the first picture take by the cam is send to the left eyes, the car moves a little bit, the second picture is send to the right eyes, the car move a little bit, the third is send to the left eye. the car move a little... So the picture send to left eye is never the same than the right eye. In 2D the same picture is send to both eyes at the same time. So my brain is fool and interprate the two differents pictures like depth. It's not clear as real 3D, but it's really there...

In my planes, I see the height of the building, but it's not very good because I fly far away because of the risk cause by my glowplane, that will change with my easystar.

Also, the movement should not be too fast, and the signal strong, or the picture become very psychedelic :)


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