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Olympus Eye-Trek FMD-700 glasses for sale

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I'am selling them only because I need a smaller base unit to be carried to a field.

That sure looks enormous! I only used some FMD200 ones, but they had the little A35-like controller, with many more settings though.

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I got myself FMD-250W instead.

It has less effective resolution (by about 20%) but the controller is much more compact. I guess the controller is similar to FMD200. FMD-250W glasses have nice wide screen mode - anybody knows of wide screen format CCDs?

NO retirement yet, I am just starting to warm up from the winter ;) .

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anybody knows of wide screen format CCDs?

DV camcorders often have a good widescreen mode, I prefer that to 4/3 when filming so I bet that could be cool too for flying. But as for board cameras... never seen any :(

Maybe a very small camcorder? :huh: Could then use zoom too :P

Do you get bars on the sides or does it crop the top and bottom?

I now officially own a set of Sony PLM-S700 that I had borrowed from a friend this summer and flown with. Really great resolution, the only drawback being that huge power consumption... I use a 7-cell 3300mAh NiMH pack (have 2 of them), and one lasts a stunning 1h30 :blink:

But as the LCDs are 800x600 they display unscaled video in full 720x576 (a small black border is all around), which really makes a huge difference. I use them to watch DVD's as well, looks far better than a TV, more comparable to a beamer. Detail level is awesome. And for the price I've made a very good deal... :)

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Do you get bars on the sides or does it crop the top and bottom?

It adds black bars on the side for 4:3 format.

High resolution is nice, I agree. I am sill waiting for new products to appear,

it's amazing that nothing exciting came out of this (portable video glasses) industry in the last 3 years.

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I wonder which would be the best glasses for a good start?

I did try the V490 von Innovatek ((CLICK ) and was NOT very impressed by its quallity. This was because of the low resolution of course, 320x240x3=230.000 pixels only.

So which would be the best and which would be the cheapes 640x480 glasses (same question for 800x600)? (I ask for exact product name and a circa price, since I can not find any apporate product here in germany available...)

Best greets,


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