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Modified HEX file for CamManXP

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How easy would it be for me to get a slightly modified version of the CamManXP HEX file from Mr. RC-CAM.

The modification I'd like is to sweep the servo multiple times rather than just once.

The reason for this request is the fact that I've built a CamManXP for a friend that he is using to fire a Prism Switch from his Aerobird Xtreme. When he presses his "fire" button, the Prism pulses an orange light (fires) but the camera shutter doesn't fire.

He's found that is he tries the Prism on a receiver he can get a pretty regular shutter fire by, in his words, "waggling the stick", (multiple full sweeps of the servo channel).

Was wondering if the CamManXP code could be temporarily changed and re-compiled (just for little ol' me) to run a loop over the servo sweep code to sweep the servo (without a delay in the middle) a few times, each time the XPORT button is pressed?

Alternatively knowledge of the XPORT pulses from the plane would be useful as I now have a program written by myself (using bits and pieces from others code) that controls a servo (using a PIC12F629) but don't know how to read the XPORT, (I'm historically a developer, so coding isn't an issue, just knowledge of the XPORT protocol).

Any help would be greatly received!!!

Many Thanks,


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There appears to be something wrong with the prism or the camera. The stick waggle issue should be brought up with Hexpert systems.

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