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Problems with the programming of RCFS2

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Hi ...

I build the RCFS2. So far it seems to work ...

1. If the RC signal is fine the servo works as normal and the LED is off ...

2. If the RC signal is lost the LED blinks fast and the servo stays ...

3. If the RC signal comes not back until 1 second the LED is on permanent ...

I think this is how it should work ... but I have problems to program the RCFS2.

I do not understand the process of programming ... Did you have a more detailed description of the process to programm a preset position ?

Maybe a small video will be very helpful. I build 2 RCFS2 systems but both are responce differnet in the programming phase ...



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I don't have a video. The programming is done with the pushbutton switch as follows (these instructions are from the project page):

1. Turn on the transmitter.

2. Press and hold the pushbutton switch while applying receiver power. Confirm the LED is flashing. Release the switch (LED will turn off).

3. Set the desired Failsafe mode as follows:

> Idle Mode: Press One (1) time.

> Hold Mode: Press Two (2) times. This provides the servo hold feature.

> Preset Mode: Press Three (3) times. This is popular for throttle servos.

4. Wait about five seconds until the LED begins to slowly flash. Now it is time to set the glitch filtering feature. You have five seconds to respond.

> Filter Off: Do NOT press switch (do nothing).

> Filter On: Press One (1) Time. This is the recommended setting.

5. If you chose Idle or Hold Failsafe modes at step 3 then jump to step 7. Otherwise, move on to step 6.

6. Wait until you see the LED's Flash-Flash-pause pattern. Set the servo Preset position by moving the transmitter stick. Once the servo is in the failsafe position you need, press the pushbutton switch.

7. Done. System is ready to use.

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