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2006 CrystalView 36" HMD LCD monitor

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I see this VR headset for sometime on E-bay( I can't insert a link that's work, go on E-bay and search for: 2006 crystalview)

E-bay link: http://listings.ebay.com/_W0QQfclZ1QQsocmd...ingCategoryList

Does someone have tried it, they look similar to Sony VR headset, I think it a new generation of low cost LCD, and the principle of picture reflecting on two prisms is the same than SONY, so I'm asking if the video quality are comparable ( at this low cost, I doubt).

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The manufacturer of these currently makes 2 models that have exactly the same casing. One uses 320x240 screens, which looks to be the one that is listed here. That model is not worth using for someone having experience and looking for quality. They are OK though for someone just wanting to try because of the low price. The optics are not that very good, the screens look sharp in the center but the edges are blurred. Overall quality is lower than Sony PLM-A35 likes.

The other model uses 640x480 LCDs, and has absolutely correct optics. I would compare them with my Sony PLM-S700!

The only drawback is that the screen backlight is not totally uniform, with the right edge being brighter. But these ones are well worth the price IMO.

I guess you should be able to find them for around $350 at a discounter like on Ebay.

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Hi. I've been reading this forum for a couple of weeks. I discovered it after watching some Vrflyer's Easystar videos on youtube or somewhere else. When I saw these videos the Idea of VFP flying absolutelly got me. I searched and got here through VRflyer's website. He surprised me a lot with what he'd gone through. Respect, man. But this forum is even more inspiring! I've been always dreaming of doing something like this. recently I managed to take some APhotos and now video flying seems for me like completely within my reach! Great! But ok, back to the point.

I bought here in Poland at a local on-line auction service a pair of glasses like - these. The 180k pixel version, used for ca. 100$ . And hooked them up to a b/w CMOS wireless camera and sony camcorder for testing.

They are being manufactured by some Chinese company under licence from an US manufacturer. I don't recall their names but may find them again if you need. Just tell me.

I can say that the video quality is not very good. Everything seems too contrasty. Detail is lost in dark and light parts of the image and colours are a bit oversaturated (creating some kind of poster-like multiple-photocopy effect) and it is very hard to adjust the image with brightnees/contrast controls.

I took apart these googles to find out that there are some markings inside indicating that the whole thing was put together fall last year. There are two tiny lcd screens backlit with white LEDs and no prism. Both LCD are attached to a single (asymetrical) PCB so converting these goggles to stereo viewing will not be easy. Goggles are easy to use in bright sunlight due to rubber sleeves around lenses. Lenses are made of glass (I judge it by their weight, but haven't touched them). It is however impossible to adjust eye spacing and LCD screens are well visible if you position your eye exactly on the centreline of each lens. If your eyes are wider/narrower spaced than lenses in this headset, image in one eye is somewhat blurred.

All in all you can see something through this, hands-free but I am afraid you will not be able to experience the whole beauty of VR flying.

I was not able to fully utilize it yet due to poor-quality wireless camera (bw cmos) and weak transmitter (10 mW). But this was meant to be a proof-of-concept purchase. I will write what I'm up to and what I've already done in other posts.


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