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has anyone had some picture lightness problems w ebay cams?

today it was pretty warm(about 12deg celzius) and for some period of time i couldnt find a good pic on my ebay 800mw set..i had a good color but it was too dark...

after recording some flight (10-15 mins) suddenly color apeared...

im using 3xlipo for brushless motor and power supply for cam

it was late afternoon and the sun was pretty low(it was 2 hrs be4 sundownor so)

any suggestions(except buying a ccd cam..ill do that as soon as i gather some $)

thanx for help guys

p.s.i am not sure what cam is it although i think it is all the same sh*t from ebay cheap systems ...this cam has sort of steel casing and 3 infra reds on each side of lens

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Yes! Just today and yesterday.

It's almost as if when the Sun is out it's actually a darker picture?

Is it possible w/the plane being white it's reflecting back in making the camera think there is more? (Camera mounted on side of fuse)

It seemed to help to turn off the camera and turn it on right before flight.

I'm interested in a response. I'm about to buy the video pod from Micro Wireless.




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CMOS cams will nearly always give a dark picture when ambient light is strong. If large bright surfaces are present it can help a bit to avoid having them in the field.

The real solution is to use a CCD cam ;)

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yes of course...ccd...however i dont have it nor have money for it...ive found a solution....a very weird one...

very often i had B&W picture and very dark pic(very)..didnt know why...thought it was voltage to high but it wasnt ...thought it was sub zero temp but no...

solution of my problem was simple and stupid actually...

i disconnected my cam from its 800mw transmitter and connected my cam directly to my pc tv card..so it wasnt wireless ..just like a webcam..only not usb but classic video in(composite)..and dc cam reciver of course from my tv in...the pic was perfect,,,then i dc it and connected my cam to transmitter again and pic was also perfect... :blink: ....i thought wtf?!

so i played w my cam like for hours(turning on and off) and had superdark pic or sometimes B&W pic like 10 or 15 times..and 10 or 15 times i dc cam from transmitter and connected it directly for few secs and then connected it to transmitter and every single time i got perfect pic...any explanations?!?!

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