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I'm new to the Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle scene and was wondering if I could get a little help with some things.

Firstly, I'm in the planning stages of building an autonomous model airplane for a Final University Project. I am in Australia but as I'm only in the early stages of plaaning, I haven't yet researched the regulations behind UAV's in Australia.

I am looking for a plane of approx 3metre wingspan capable of flying to a range of upto 20miles. The flight will be controlled using a custom pc with gyro, accelerators etc.

I would like to have real time video, with flight data overlayed, sent to the ground. The little research I have done so far suggests 900Mhz is better suited to longer range.

My main question is regarding updating of the gps co-ordinates that the plane is heading to. I would like to be able to change the co-ordinate from the ground during flight. Can you please suggest a reliable way of doing this. Is a separate system to the the Rx and Tx for the video a better solution or is there a full duplex (?) video system available with capabilities for this sort of thing?

Any Suggestions regarding any of the aspects mentioned are most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


P.S. At this stage Cost is second to performance/capability.

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You might want to bounce this off of Bob Young in your homeland. http://www.silvertone.com.au/

He's been in the business for a while and has a handle on the local Au laws etc. It's a large undertaking and I think you're asking for help that is a few steps down the road. It might be good to pick a platform, a guidance system and start growing the system one aspect at a time.

But contact Bob at Silvertone. He's great guy and will be of help to you.


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I have to agree with Dan on this one! I see it in a few stages 1. Total confidece in manual flight control (PIC). 2. Fit and use camera/video link. 3. Fit , integrate and use (CIC) Computer In Control, interface while in R/C range. Then and I stress only then 'fit bicycle clips' and hope for the best.

I am at a stage where under GPS control my machine will return to 'Home' but I am still very reluctant to go outside R/C range.

All I'm saying is watch you'r step and don't take this project to lightly!

Best of luck Lyn.

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