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Hi all, I have a problem when I connect both the aileron and elevator plugs into my RX. If I connect only one of them its fine. The problem is that the elevator servo twitches rhythmicy, not a lot but enough to worry about. I have tried ferrite rings but they made no difference. The co-pilot works ok with another RX and this RX works fine without the co-pilot. The problem is that this RX is my 459Mhz long range RX so Im stuck. Has anyone else had any problems like this ?


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The standard co-pilot will not tolerate servo pulses from the two channels that arrive at the same time. They must be sufficiently delayed, relative to each other. Maybe this is involved with your problem? Otherwise, I would suspect EMI/RFI.

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MrRCCam is right,

Does the receiver drive standard servos without the co-pilot? If yes,

It is possible that both pitch and roll pulses from the "459 mhz" receiver are being sent at the same time. Essentially in parallel. The co-pilot cannot process the pulses if they arrive that way. Futaba PCM radio's have the same issue.

The easiest fix action is to put 1 to 2 servo buffers in line with either your elevator or aileron signal between the receiver and the co-pilot. This will delay the pulse on that line so it will lag the other one. It doesn't matter which control you do that to but it can't be both. One may work but if not use two. Some manufactures employ the full amount of gates in that hex buffer chip but some only employ a pair.


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