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BS2 & PIC CAM Projects

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I have been flying RC since the early 1960s. I am now retired and getting up there in age but the review of the RC Cam Projects on this web site has prompted me to activate my love for electronics and computers again. My first project was a Aiptek 1.3 mega camera using the BS2 Stamp as the controlling device. I then purchase some PIC chips, and downloaded all the necessary software and begin my quest of using PICs to control these cameras. My first was a Aiptek SD using the switch and hex code as described on this web site except I used the PIC12C509A chip. The project work flawlessly however I wanted to use the cameras regulated voltage as a health word to indicate that the camera was ready for work and I also wanted to take continuous pictures as often as the camera would allow so I wrote my own code and I now have a Project using my techniques that is capable of using PICs 12C509A, 12F683, 16F84, and 16F628. I use a GreenLED to indicate that the camera is okay and ready for picture taking, I use a Red LED to indicate that the camera is not functional and I use any spare channel on my RC systems to control the processes. The retract switch is my promary use. When the system is high (above 1.5 ms) I take pictures every 7 seconds and when the switch is low (Below 1.5 ms) the camera is in stand-by mode. I use both assembly and PIC Basic Pro for code development. The basic shortens development time by a considerable factor. Anyone wishing my raw source files or hex code please let me know. My sincere thanks go to the CAM_MAN for sharing his work with all of us. I am now look for new projects in all areas of RC.


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