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Data Logger for Wind Tunnel Model

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I am a student at Loughborough University, England. I am currently undertaking my final year project. As part of this project, I am looking for a telemetry/data logging system.

My project involves ‘virtually’ flying a rc model aircraft in a wind tunnel. The model is free to move up and down a vertical rod in the tunnel, and is also allowed to rotate in pitch, roll and yaw.

The aircraft needs a system to collect information from 2 potentiometers inside the model, this is to be transmitted wirelessly and in real time.

The system must also collect information from one more potentiometer, information on the angular positions of the three control surfaces or servos, and expansion for another channel to measure height of the model.

I've found the Seagull Wireless Flight Dashboard System from Eagle Tree systems. http://www.eagletreesystems.com/Plane/plane.html This will forfil most of the requirements.

Are there any other similar systems out there? Would you recommend them?

Many Thanks

Tim Dutton

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I have a Seagull telemetry. I don't know other system that will fill your requirement.

I buyed this unit last summer, I'm very satisfy of the Segull, but because I fly with video google (I have a small window under google to look at the Seagull), it take me time to focus on the Seagull screen, so I decided to buy the Black box, the data are dsplayed on the video screen, it's better for me.

I will sell the seagull for $300 , if you are interested, e-mail me.


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