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LiPo Battery Balancing Charger Question

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Just had a question to those more knowledgeable in electronics than I. Most cell balancers that I have run across short (through resistance) the individual cell to control the charging of them. Rather than draining a LiPo pack while charging to balance it, why not build individual 1 cell chargers and connect them to each cell in a pack?

I am thinking of using 3 Maxim 1508's to charge each cell individually in my 3 cell pack. Am I all wrong in my thinking? If I "nand" the finish signals, once the last charger completes, the finish LED will illuminate.

Should I venture down this road or just purchase a ready made? I have not found an OEM that is easy to use or user friendly.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Most people already have universal chargers that offer many features. Standard balancers are meant to be cheap and offer flexibility.

The MAX1508 will allow you to charge your packs up to 0.8A, and if you want to change the current you'll have to change a resistor (3 if you have 3 of them) each time. Pretty uncomfortable when you have a digital charger where you enter voltage and current with push buttons, up to 5S and 5A...

Balancers like this one allow you to balance 2s-5s packs, being stand-alone, while charging, and as well while discharging in order to use the charger's higher power dissipation capabilities.

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Well I was going to do it the same way as Bug but all cells I buy are already made into packs these days so and I dont want to try and take them apart so I dont bother to balance them.


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