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Earthmate GPS Receiver

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Has anyone tried out the Earthmate GPS Receiver? Is this a good choice for adding GPS to a model? Does it support waypoints?

It is small and very low cost ($90 at Fry's Electronics). Specs: http://www.delorme.com/earthmate/overview.asp

It says it is USB, but it also looks to have RS-232 (they sell an optional adapter cable for RS-232).

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Quite a few people are using it with their TinyTraks.

I keep reading about it on the TT list.

It does support NMEA so in that sense you are ok.

However I'm pretty sure you are expected to keep waypoints in your laptop or PDA and it calculates the course to the waypoint using the position data from the Tripmate.

So if you only want to use it with ground software, or positioning data on a video overlay it would be fine.

But it will not work for instance with a PDC-10 or the autopilot I'm making.

And for even smaller ones, why not just get an OEM GPS at that point.

Take a look at the GPS 15 by Garmin. Or even better the GPS15L that is WAAS enabled.



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I was afraid the waypoints were maintained in the PC. That's too bad. Thanks for the info.

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