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Saturn V Launch Umbilical Tower

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I am currently modeling the real launch pad used by the mighty Saturn Vs during the race to the moon. I am using SolidWorks 2006 and plan on using Plastructs to actually build it. It is going to be 1/70th scale to match Apogee's Saturn V rocket. My situation is this: I need the 7 swing arms to move out of the way before ignition. I plan on using servos for this but am not that knowledgable on the subject. They also need to be water-proof, like food grade servos. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I work with a few electronic engineers but would like some outside advice as well.

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Mmmmmmm, food grade servos. :D

There are a lot of options. There are some that are pretty well sealed. How much torque does the servo need to have? I'm sure the arms will be supported on there own with the servo just doing the motion part. Servos come in many price variations too. Do you have a spending limit on such an ambitious project?


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