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I am also a newbie and have been searching these groups for quite a few days now.

I am slightly involved in bare minimum r/c photography. I am currently using a disposal camera and a servo, the only problem with this is that I can only take one pic then I must land and wind the film to the next shot.

I do have the Aiptek PenCam Mega 1.3 1.3 Megapixel digital camera and wish to have a circuit setup to allow for me to take pics when a certain channel is engaged. I do not wish to have to take pics every 15 secs. I wish to have a circuit setup to bypass the autoshut off programming.

I did see the configuration/diagrams/address to order the complete mechanism to attach to the Mustek GSmart Mini 3 Digital Camera that would allow the cam to disengage the auto shutdown and the trigger would connect to an open channel on the receiver.

Needless to say that I cannot find this site anymore and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions such as letting me know what it would cost me to get setup to enable programming pic chips to allow for me to modify cams.

Thank you so much

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