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So Kilrah ,

I wrote www.aeropix.ch, I assume that is the head gyro a lot of people use(It has a square futaba connector) asking if it works with the 12FG, as the Royal EVO has NOT been delivered yet I have emailed the vendor and will have the shipper return the unit to the vendor and have him send out a 12FG in 2.4GHz txrx combo instead(and will order the Track R1 in the same breath if you say this combo will work plug and play.)

regards and thanx so much


ps going 2.4 ghz because of claimed range and lack of interference..(ie less liability from out of control craft due to interference)

pss I am getting my ham license next weekend does futaba deliver the 12FG in 50Mhz(for licensed amateurs?) 16km? no problem at 10w :)

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nope my video is on 900mhz, as I wanted to use xbee modems for paparazzi, and I am much more worried about errant RC signals at 72mhz while flying FPV ie I dont want to get knocked down by a parkflyer tx on my channel,so feel the need to go 2.4 , my only question is can 2.4 make the range for FPV.

and additionally I have added a verdex gumstix with USB host,Bluetooth and wifi to my config so I can chat with the paparazzi Autopilot and an EVDO modem(we get over 1mbs here ).

So the trackR1 will work with the 2.4ghz 12fg then?


gwen(soon to be FPV pilot and soon after that paparazzi operator)

ps I just got my sparkfun breakout board for the IDG-300 in today.. but will simply order a trackF1 to get flying immediately.

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Sander, you could check out the Aeropix tracker; this can (in theory) be connected to almost any PPM transmitter. It's cheaper than the RC-Tech one, a little bigger, but it works fine for me (with a Multiplex EVO Tx). Contact aeropix to discuss your particular transmitter.

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Hi Kilrah,

I am sitting here waiting to leave to take the amateur exam at 9am, I changed my order on the 12fg to 50Mhz(ham band) more power and better range than 2.4 and much less chance likely of interfering xmissions in my area of operations. And will have a FMA copilot on board along with a OSD with a return to home function if this is not the paparazzi equipped airframe in case of carrier loss. Thanx for your timely advice Kilrah.(ie the warnings about the rfi issues with the royal EVO) and will be flying on pcm2048 on 50 mhz with 1w out


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