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Problems with Aiptek PenCam SD 2.1M

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I've build 2 Aiptek Mega PenCam 1.3 with R/C "Interface" and they working very good.

Now I bought another Aiptek PenCam (PenCam SD with 2.1MegaPixels)

On the Website www.rc-cam.com I found an Schematic File how to build the R/C Interface for the PenCam SD.

Unfortunately it is only for PenCam SD 1.3M

To turn off the sleep mode of the cam it is suggested, to turn power to the USB-Port of the cam.

I tried that with the PenCam SD 2.1M.

The sleep mode seems to be disabled, but no Photo can be taken.

Shutter doesn't work with Power on USB-Port

Has anyone a Suggestion to solve that Problem ?

Any Idea how to disable the sleep mode ?

Sorry for my (bad) english.

School is out for more then 17 Years... :unsure:



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As you have discovered, the PenCam 2.1 cannot be powered by the USB port. You could power it using the battery connections (voltage regulator required), but the camera's battery saving sleep feature may bother you. So, consider using the wake-up feature of the CamMan-Aiptek PIC chip. You will have to determine how to wire it to your camera's electronics (I don't have any experience with your exact camera).

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Hello Mr.RC-Cam

Thanks for your answer.

Its no problem to power the cam by battery connections.

But i think it could be a big problem, to find out, how to wire the PIC with the cam.

I saw, that you found out, how to wire the Aiptek Mini PenCam 1.3 to use it in battery mode.

Can you tell me, how you determined the right positions to wire the PIC ?

Have you any suggestions for me how I can determine it in the Aiptek SD Cam ?

Thanks and Greetings from Germany


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The CamMan-Aiptek web page summarizes the wakeup logic requirements for pins 2 and 5. You will have to slightly "reverse-engineer" the camera. Use your voltmeter and just poke around to find the signal that would be needed.

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