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will "goof proof" work with 1.2 ghz

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If your Tx is operating at exactly 1.20Ghz then every dimension would need to be enlarged by two (2.0) times. EVERYTHING.

I have a feeling you are using one of those low cost Hong Kong imports (perhaps one of the eBay offerings). Despite their advertised claims, please be aware that they all seem to operate in the 1.1Ghz band. Not only would the scaling be different, such Tx's are illegal to operate in North America.

You should measure the frequency to ensure that yours is operating with an allowed frequency. This will also ensure that you correctly scale the GPP. Just use this formula: 2.400ghz / Your Tx Freq (in Ghz) = GPP Scaling value.

Example: 2.400Ghz / 1.276Ghz = 1.88. (Enlarge the antenna by 1.88 times).

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