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New airplane!

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OK as promised, here's my brand new setup :D

The airplane is a Movie Star by Multiplex, foamy electric twin engine, 1m50 wingspan, 2 axes.

It's equipped with 2 Hyperion Z20013-20 motors and 20A controllers. This plane has the advantage of having quite a high payload and lots of fuselage room... even if it's really ugly! :P

I've arranged everything in order to maximize space, that is the controllers are located in the wings, and the servos are in the tail instead of being at the back of the fuselage. That room is then available for R/C RX and Vizion :)

I'll be using 3s/4Ah Lipos, and I have 2 of them, thanks to that 45%-sale :P

They should give me around 30 mins flight time each, and I've already made myself Y-connections to put both of them together in parallel for ultra-long flights. Each one is around 270gr.

There's quite a lot of equipment. First the flight camera, with 10mW TX and Vizion OSD + Zlog altimeter. This one is mounted on a servo for panning. The set is powered by a 2s/1000mAh Li-po.



Then comes the "film" camera. 620-line CCD, with 200mW TX and separate 3s/800mAh Li-po. Mounted on pan/tilt assembly at the front of the plane, in order to give an obstacle-free view in all directions.


I've had to make a new wooden plate that holds the servo as well as the foam is very soft. Without it the vibrations were amplified by the material, and the camera was literally moving 5mm around in all directions when engines were running... That should be a lot better.

All 3 camera servos are equipped with the latest version of my servo module, that now lets you choose between pass-through, doubled amplitude and speed control with programmable travel ends with one button press. That eliminates the need for changing anything in the wiring when I want to change operation mode. The speed control mode will allow a 2nd person to control the front cam smoothly either through a 2nd R/C TX/RX or using a TX connected to mine's trainer port.

In there you can guess the R/C RX, 2 servo modules, Vizion on the wall, and too many cables :angry:


There are 2 extra cables running in the tail boom, one for power and one for a servo. That's reserve for an additional tail camera :)

The wings come on there, with ESC wire, the 2 battery connections, and a BEC connector to give voltage readout to the Vizion. That's not too much, which doesn't make it a pain to install wings, as I need to remove them for transport.

All-up weight with this setup is 1620gr. The manufacturer announces 1450gr + 200gr payload, and that's with 2 direct drive Speed 400 motors :D

The next "option" is a 4 megapixel digital camera, with R/C shutter of course, and 512Mb card (~600 pics). It's installed so there's nothing in the field either. The shutter channel is shared with the Vizion's display trigger. As I've set it up now, when I shoot photos I have no display.

Weight with camera is ~1800gr.


The canopy needed quite a lot of cutting in order to accomodate all this ;)


Now I'll have to see how all of this behaves in flight. on the ground the plane shakes a bit all around, seems that's due to the propwash hitting the stab. Hopefully in flight it will be more stable. Images didn't seem to shaky on the first flight though, but the installation wasn't the final one yet either.

This should then be the "serious" tool for aerial video/photo. The other ones still being there for everyday FPV flight :lol:

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I've had my 2 first serious flights this afternoon :D

For the first one I went for the standard installation, just without the Zlog and Vizion trigger input connected. Nice 10-min flight, everything was right so I landed to add these.

I also added the digital camera to see what that would change. I changed battery as well.

The nice thing is that the added 175gr just don't change anything, either in flying characteristics or needed current for level flight. At least nothing noticeable. So I was planning on only fitting the camera when really needed, and to remove it when I want to put both flight batteries. But I guess that will become part of the standard equipment, and will try just adding that 2nd battery with all the rest :)

I flew for 23 mins, average level flight current is 8-10A. But I went quite high up as well, climbed once to 300m and a second time to 500m. So that's like 3-4min at full power.

I've flown using both cameras, as I can use the same receiver for both of them. the 200mW link is very reliable, don't recall having had a dropout. And I've taken some really nice pics as well :D

So to sum up, very happy! I'll maybe have to make a couple of adjustments on the front cam. I might make a new mount with thicker aluminium to further reduce vibrations, I just didn't have anything else when I made it. It's already usable like this though. And to improve a bit, I should change the servos I've used for this. They have nasty pretty big and noticeable steps between positions :angry:

Stupid, as they had the advantage of offering around 220° travel with no hardware modification. Pretty cool for that use :)


And here's a nice view of my city (click for big version) :D


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Thats great inspiration for me to get my new plane built !

Do you have any video we can see from it ?


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Hi Kilrah!

Nice pictures! I too hope to see some video.

What software do you use to record video in (the ones in the "My FPV setup" thread)?

I recently bought a new laptop with video in, however only windows mediacenter is shipped to record video in, and it's really a hazard working with, especially as it need the IR-remotecontrol stuff connected and activated to let you record anything :angry:.

However, there is moviemaker, but it just show a black screen when recording even if i check the preview box. Although when i look at the video it has recorded, but i wan't to see it "live" too.


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What is the population there?

Thanks! Well I've had to google for that, but found 24'000 ;)

What software do you use to record video in

Em, the software that was shipped with my PCMCIA card, and which unfortunately only works with it :(

PC capture is a great pain to find a good solution, I've needed about 2 years and 3 different cards to find a good one :angry:

On Movie Maker if I recall well there's a box to tick to activate preview, that's not on by default. Check it's activated (somewhere just before starting capture).

Video will come, just a bit short on time at the moment...


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