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Pan servo control

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I have been reading through all the projects here, and trying to see if any of the existing ones might fit my need.

I want a board to control 2 servos. Servo #1 is a pan servo, and servo number 2(could also be an eletronic switch, but servo is fine for now) is a shutter switch.

I would like the ability to record the location of 5 or 6 of servo #1's locations, or at least some settable degree value.

Then when the board is triggered via the Tx, move servo #1 to position 1, and active servo 2 to trigger the shutter, then move servo #1 to position #2, then again activate servo #2 to trigger the shutter, then move servo #1 to position #3, and so on until all 5 or 6 points have completed. Then stop and do nothing until activated again via Tx signal.

I don't see anything out there that will do this exactly, but wondering if any thoughts or ideas exist for combining a couple of projects together to make this happen.



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Before I started using a video down link I was going to do the same thing but with pan and tilt to give pictures in every direction when the trigger switch was pushed. It should be dead easy with a PIC but I dont recall having seen anyone do it either, sorry.


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