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Busta Prop

RCFS with OPTO isolator

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Hi RC-Cam

I am getting bad interference from my ESC. I have placed a RCFS V2 between my RX and ESC and while it has definitely cleaned up the signal it has not removed the cause of the interference. My plan now is to use a seperate battery for my RX and add an opto-isolator to ensure the ESC & RX are totally isolated.

I would be grateful if you would have a look at the attached circuit and tell me if it will work. Are the values for R3 & R4 ok?

Many thanks



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I think a better layout would be to source the Opto, rather than sink it. That is, wire the LED so that its anode is to Vcc and the cathode (thru a 390 ohm) goes to the PIC. Then you can use a grounded emitter on the output transistor, with a 2.2K as a pullup. In other words, reverse the logic.

Yes, a separate battery will be a must. If the EMI/RFI noise gets onto the BEC's 5V power buss, it will get into the rx. But not all noise is conductive, some is coupled. So, be prepared.

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