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Other than the fit how did the myvus perform in and out of doors?

The picture is actually quite good. They worked well outdoors. I just wore a baseball cap to block the sun.

Anyone know if the Z-800's have dual-optics? I saw a webpage somewhere (can't find it right now) that said they had one optic and a patch/shield for the other eye. can they be used outside in bright sunlight? Is there a way to convert them for a see-through option?

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I have been using the eMagin Z800 visor. It is 800x600 and I have to say the image is very nice. Video looks great on them!

Anyone know of a way to take mouse inputs, or other PC inputs, and convert them to something compatible with a trainer cord? EnduranceRC, I already see your solution on your web page. :D I'm just wondering if there are other options.

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