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Can you guys tell me a bit about those Wireless things. What is the maximum range that can be achived with a relatively small system? And can it be used if not line-of-sight? Where can i buy those and what do they cost?

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Hello Flubbis,

I highly reccomend you to read all of the great forum, this will answer your question... but if you want a little spoonfeeding (my 2 cents / and's a goot repeat for me to see if I know it):

The maximum range highly depends on the brand of rx/tx used, the antennas used, the transmission-power, the weather, interferences, etc... but you can expect from 100 to 300m LINE-OF-SIGHT (LOS) from a cheap wireless-system as you can find it on ebay. The mostly offered hongkong-system as I have one myself only get to some 100m "as is". Then you start by adding a better antenna to rx and tx... this will improve the range greatly, but again highly depending on what kind of antenna you use. There are antennas which are omni-directional (go nearly same in all directions... but even those will have black spots without reception) and which are directional (means they go more in one direction than an other). Usually the directional antennas have the higher gain, but the narrower window of reception, so that you have always to point you wireless-antenna to your airplane. But the orientation and polarisation also plays a great role... so it usually comes down to "trial and error".

In some cases the wireless-system can even be uses non-light-of-sight (NLOS). But the range is then greatly decreased... highly depending on what the radiowaves have to travel through.... water (like in Woods) and metal is a great barrier for 2.4G RF...

To cut it down and anser your simple qustion:

-For a easy/lowcost start, get one of these cheap "wireless camera" from ebay (search for that in the "" there)

-If you want to roll your own, then get your TX and RX from the link included in this thread: CLICK

-For the antennas, look HERE and HERE.

-The VR-Headset and recording-means is up to you.... I suggest you try a cheap 320x240 system, get addicted by it and then get a professional 800x600 system.... an Laptop with video-digitizer is an option for recording and viewing or one of those tiny mpeg/divx-recorders.... if you only want to record but not see in-flight, you can start with an analog camcorder with av-input.

Any questions? :rolleyes:



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Hallo. First post at this great forum.

I'm a newbie when it comes to rc cam but I would like a set.

What I have been able to read so far on this forum, is that Airwave from Active- robots 500 mW transmitter are cheap and good. They sell 3 different recievers and I dont know which to buy?

Then you all talk about PCB and pins.

Blackwidow seem to be a good place but not the cheapest. But I guess its the best place to buy a cam?

I need:





cords and plugs

I dont mind building and soldering, just need some help to get going

So help me out guys! Tell me what to buy!?


Kasper Harley

Edited by Kasper Harley

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