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QuorumVision Virtual Projection glasses.

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For Sale: Used QuorumVision Virtual Projection glasses (NTSC compatible). Includes user manual and original box. $70 plus shipping and paypal fees.

The headset is monocular (right-eye) with a see-thru lens. The resolution is 96K pixels. It has a USA compatible color TV tuner and built in audio headphones. A 1/8" miniature phone A/V jack accepts external video from a wireless video system. Power is via 6 AA cells.

These glasses are in decent shape. They wouldn't meet the needs of a FPV pilot, but they would be fine for Aerial Photography work (framing snapshots) or for general video applications. Plus, it has a TV tuner and built-in antenna for those times you need to watch your shows while on-the-go.


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