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600 mw transmitter - 12v 5 stepdown ?

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I have a microcamera 600mw transmitter, which works just great.

It was working on a 12v dc input, but there was an internal regulator and a 12v-5v step-down as the core transmitter actually works on 5v. A technician made a 1mn work to shunt the regulator and allow me to use it from a 4 AA batteries pack. It was fine, and I was a happy man.

Now I cannot contact the technician any more and I need to come back to the previous 12v imput system as I will use this transmitter for something else.

Would anyone be nice enough to explain to me what I need to de-solder and where to solder it back, in order to be back to original 12 input ?

Many thanks



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The red wire needs to move. If you post clearer closeup photos we can determines its original home.

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