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I just received today my CCD board-type camera .It is of unkwnown brand with Sony 0.5 lux Super HAD 1/3" sensor and with 2.5 mm lens. I tested it on big tv and its lighyears ahead of my previous cmos b/w cheapo cam.

Now I would like to design some kind of pan & tilt mount for it, driven by 2 servos.

Since I don't want to reinvent the wheel I thought I just ask how you did yours. Could you post some links to images so I could examine designs that are reasonable.

I am going to make the mount of 3mm plywood. I will cut pieces of plywood and glue them together with 5 min epoxy. That should be sufficiently rigid. Servos will have extended throw (around 180 deg at least in horizontal plane). I am just unsure whether I should mount the camera directly to servos or move the camera plate by some kind of pushrods. Or maybe there are some other clever ways of putting it together?


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Firstly, do you have a photo of the cam, to get an idea of the shape?

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Don't have my digital camera at hand at the moment, but I can tell you it looks pretty much like all board-type cameras. Something close to this.


Mine has two boards some 8 mm apart and protruding lens on front and some protruding components (an electrolytic cap and a socket) on the rear face.

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