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I'm currently an electrical engineering student working on a project where I'm having a problem finding some parts. This isn't a school project, just for my own amusement with maybe some commercial aps someday.

I'm in the parts buying mode for a semi-autonomous boat/submarine, the basic idea is to travel on the surface to a target then submerge(~2m max). The vehicle will use a floating antenna system I have designed that "should work" during submersion. B)

Anyway, I'm looking for a camera (I've searched the internet for probably 10+ hours with no luck) with the following specs:


high quality video (not HD)


NV capabilities


I don't care about watertightness (I'll do that), size (within reason), signal power ( I'll build an amp)

Does anyone know who makes something like this, all of the companies I see seem to sell the same EXACT things....


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Thanks for the replies, I still haven't found a suitable camera yet though.

I only have one semester to go before I graduate, so a wide range of EE subjects are still fresh in my head ;). If anyone needs any help with circuit design, control theory, signal processing etc. let me know. I have tons of cool design software that I'm pretty good at, if what you need doesn't take too much of my time I'll be glad to help.

Quite a site you have going here...

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