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Hacking hong kong video system

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Hi, Does anybody hacked succesfully this cheap kind of system. I´ve made several antennas for it and now I´m satisfayed with range of the system, but not with the quality of the image. I was thinking on buying a quality ccd camera that works on 5V so I could power up the same way like now with the 9 v of my rechargable battery. But one problem is that the 5 v regulator on the conector probably doesn´t work with the current a ccd camera needs. So any tips on how to get a good setup with an easy way of powering up the new system?

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You're probably right about the 5v regulator in your camera not delivering enough amps to power a 5v CCD camera, I just hacked apart the plastic block on a wired Hong Kong CMOS camera and there's a 78L05 regulator inside which only delivers a max of 100mA, too low for a 5v CCD camera, but there are regulators that deliver up to 1A such as the LM7805 which was inside the wireless Hong Kong camera that was taken apart on this site: http://www.rc-cam.com/hk_video.htm

Dimension Engineering sell a good 5v regulator which will happily power a 5v CCD camera: http://www.dimensionengineering.com/DE-SW0XX.htm

I've used the small 50mW transmitter from a Hong Kong camera to transmit the signal from a CCD camera with no problems and the picture quality is so much better.

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The only real problem I had with the 50mW transmitter from the HK camera was the lack of range when the transmitter is moving at ground level inside & near buildings, which is why I have a 1500mW transmitter on my RC car :)

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