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Comparing antennas

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After making an antenna following yb2normal’s design http://www.yb2normal.com/antenna3.html.

I noticed a definite improvement in performance.

I set up the original receiver’s video out to a camcorder, walked out of the room with the camera and original antenna and battery pack in hand, proceeded to the living room and then out the front door.

The ground plane antenna I made was a little simpler and eZ'er to make. The shielding braid was used as the ground plane element. I just separated the strands into 4 equal bunches and then just twisted then together and then tined them.





On the second test I followed the same path and compared the recorded video.

The dropouts were a lot shorter. The ground plane antenna held radio continuity better.

I’m thinking about doing away with the coaxial wire and just drill a hole in the shielding box and use it as the ground plane element

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