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R/C Equipment, Electronic parts, and Misc.

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These links are to commercial sites. In other words, these folks sell stuff...

http://www.atmel.com: ATMEL Semiconductor factory web Site. Home of some very useful microcontroller IC's.

http://www.copelandcommunications.com/Sock....et%20Radio.htm: Wireless Modem Modules.

www.endurance-rc.com : Makers of a USB PC to Transmitter interface. Free software API and examples.

http://www.glitchbuster.com/: PIC microcontroller parts and other goodies. Shipping is only $1.85 for any size order!

http://www.ic-prog.com: ICProg PIC programmer.

http://www.lancos.com/prog.html: PonyProg PIC chip burner.

http://www.maxbotix.com: $30 Ultrasonic Rangefinder module.

http://microchip.com: PIC factory web Site. Home of some very useful microcontroller and memory IC's.

http://www.melabs.com: MicroEngineering Labs. PicBasic compiler and PIC chip programmers.

http://members.chello.at/general-laser/webshop/en/: Model Aircraft stabilization system. IR (heat) sensing type.

http://www.oshonsoft.com/pic.html: PIC Simulator and Basic Compiler. Timed demo version.

http://www.parallax.com: Parallax BasicStamp factory site.

http://www.parallax.com/detail.asp?product_id=30015: Low Cost Video Overlay board.

http://www.picobytes.com/PicoServio.html: Pico Servio is a 20 channel 16bit R/C servo control board.

http://www.poptronics.com/interactive/Free....ipPgmr-P2.html: MultiChip PIC programmer.

http://www.remote-control-rc-hobby.com/rc_hobby.html: R/C model parts and plans. Canadian eBay retailer.

http://www.rentron.com/: PIC microcontroller, Basic Stamp, and Robotic parts.

http://www.schmartboard.com/: Surface Mount and Thru-hole prototyping boards.

http://www.theplanelocator.com/csi_site/technical.html: RF based lost plane locator.

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