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PanCam V2.0 Now Available

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The PanCam Project's firmware has been updated. The following summarizes the changes:

  • New low speed servo movement during Mode 1 Auto-Centering.
  • Improved pass-through operation (slightly less jitter).
  • Extended servo travel limits (versus the older V1 release).

The main change is the low speed movement when Auto-Center is activated. Although it may not be obvious, the servo speed is actually progressive and sort of ramps up and ramps down during extended travels to center. Centering speed is moderately fast, but still tame enough to prevent huge start-up currents. More importantly, it will reduce the chance of hurling the camera from the Pan/Tilt platform.

I also added some code trickery to help tame servo speed during power-up centering. I utilize a slow frame-rate for the first 1 second to help with this. Please note that a careful operator should always ensure the pan/tilt servo is centered before applying power. But in case that step is missed, this new feature may help. Or maybe not. In any event, you might notice a heavily loaded servo sort of jog at boot up.

I no longer wish to post two different hex file versions for the project. There had been one with normal servo limits and another for the extended limits (the latter is not compatible with some servos). With this release, I have married the two together and now use a compromise for the servo limits. If the servo you use does not offer enough travel, or conversely travels too much and stalls, then please try a different model number or brand.

You can use either the OTP PIC12C509/A, or the Flash PIC12F509 part. The PIC12C508/A is not compatible with the new firmware.


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