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Here it finally is.

Precision Aerobatics Katana Mini, 1m wingspan, around 920gr including video equipment.

Hyperion Z3007-26 motor, Titan 30A controller, 1800-2200mAh 3s battery for 10-20 min of flight depending on the battery and flying style. Static thrust is about 1.15kg.

Camera with 90° lens on pan-tilt mount, controlled by head tracking.


That plane is just perfect, as well for normal flight than for aerobatics. I was a bit doubtful at the beginning because of the partially obstructed view, but it turns out not to be disturbing. It's actually the most realistic setup I've flown with so far. Pure fun :D

Here's a video of the first FPV tests. Something tells me I have a few nice flight hours ahead of me with this one :)

There's already a prepared place to install a 2nd full video system in front of the current one, in order to take a passenger / student with me, each having his own goggles / tracker to be totally independent. Still have to connect all this together though! ;)

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Great video, exactly what I dream about, flying aerobatic from the cockpit point view.

But for myself, I prefer wider angle lens as you know. I like the hammer head at the end, you look horizon at the end of the wing. With practice, we should able to kept the planes vertical by watching the wing, but we must learn to do it. Perhaps a triangle like in the real one should look more realistic and will help.

I ordered V-Diamonds planes, but it back order. This planes will be perfect to put a camera on it.


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Looks very nice, guess it will be pretty fast too!

I already replaced my default 70° lens by the 90° one. I think that's enough, there's not too much deformation, and it gives a very realistic FOV. With the second cam installed, the back one will use the 116° lens not to be too obstructed, the front one using the 90°.

I guess that aeobatics won't be too difficult with the head tracker now indeed. That hammerhead was only my second try, and it wasn't too bad.

Already thought about the triangles, but unless I can make them easily removable that would be a real pain for me to transport. I'll give it a try though :)

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