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Have anyone tryed to use a satellite dish connected to Rx?

Did it boost the range significantly?

Or is it even possible?

The reaon for these questions is that recently I got A Dish Network satellite, which I'm thinking on somehow attaching to my 1.2 Ghz Rx. I'm thinking that there are 2 possible outcomes: 1) I will work, and give a good boost in range, provided it will be pointed in correct direction, or 2) the satellite dish is incompatable with 1.2 Ghz frequency and there would be nothing good from this setup.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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Yes I have,I take it you are not thinking you can connect your RX to the LNB as this will NOT work. You can mount your RX aerial where the LNB is now but it is not the best way with a moving TX. It works well for fixed links but for aircraft a quad patch is my favorite.


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How far are you trying to receive video from??? A dish has a super narrow beamwidth on it. If the target is moving you WILL NOT be able to keep it pointed at it. There are better solutions to long range video receiving that do not require you keeping the dish within 1/2" horizontal/vertically aligned.


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