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I just ordered a combo set of three camera's a tilt and pan Ninja thing and a reciever that does both video and audio all for a whopping $209.00

When I get my stuff I imagine I will set about doing Mr. RC's #4 project but my big question is:

Are the camera's that come in the x10 series all that bad?

I understand the desire for the perfect video or at least as close as you can get but I am having trouble understanding why everyone is hacking the thing apart.

I guess I will see when I get my kit.....

BTW I have another problem that no one else seems to address and that is viiiiibbbraatiiion.. How do you get the vibs out of the heli so good that it doesn't show on your video?

I have a TT Raptor 50 running carbon / kevlar blades. I don't do 3D yet but I did balance the blades and the rotor head together on a Hi Point.

Any suggestions to the vibe issue?

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First, yes the X10 camera is crud. You get what you pay for. It's a CMOS, not the preferred CCD (the latter is newer technology, has sharper imagery), and has trouble adjusting quickly to changing light conditions. Fly towards the sun and the image is too light until it adjusts (about a minute) then fly away from the sun and the image is too dark until it adjusts (another minute). Most annoying.

Second, regarding vibration, immediately lose the articulating arm and pray you don't find it. It's been the source of many a vibrating nightmare. The RC-CAM 4 project will detail how to enclose the camera in a compact little plastic case perfect for video flying. I don't fly helis, but from my fixed wing experience, a relatively hard mount consisting of just velcro to the airframe, works for me. The velcro is soft enough to absorb much of the vibration and rips off cleanly in a hard landing, yet firm enough to keep the camera from bouncing around too much.

Of course converting to electric flying is the best way to fly vibration free.


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Cool thanks for the info, I am making a better mount for my current cam.

Also I just went to Rock2000 and looked at the current board camera's available

the only model they sell now is the GP-KX121 with a pinhole lens but you can get a 51 degreee lens as an upgrade. I purchased that setup for $117.00

Has anyone got any idea about this board cam? http://rock2000.com/Company/CBC-Chugai/CMH...12_-_CMH212.htm

Hi Res, I know it's not Panasonic but it may be worth a try?

If your going, go in style fly a Gulfstream!

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