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Hi all,

I really want to record my flights in the field and will observe what the camera sees. I don’t have laptop computer or video camera. Can I use the "Mustek PVR-H140" or the "Archos DVR AV700"?

Can you recommend on a cheaper way to do that?



I don't know, but read this thread, it will interested you


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The PVR-H140 is now very old, and pretty expensive for what it does (besides recording video, the software is awful, even uneasy to use as a MP3 player...).

From what I've heard, the AV700 has issues for field recording as the cradle is required in order to use the AV-in, and it has to be externally powered!

The AV500 is very good if you want to put the $. Otherwise the Cavalry player mentioned in the other thread is a cood cheap solution, the recording quality being a bit lower.

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Hi Kilrah,

Thanks for saving me from buying the PVR-H140, I almost did that.

I'm watching the eBay since last time and I didn’t find any AV500 for good price.

Now, I can buy for a better price the new released AV604.

What do you think? The recording quality.



Film Director, please look at that!


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I have never had one of the new series in the hand so can't tell how it performs.

Just be aware that if you want to record video with it you have to buy the optional input "travel adapter".

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And.,,,,, what about if we can get a device with DVD quality??


Look these devices.... what do you said??? They are portable and work with 9 - 12 Volts

They dont need a PC.

Sony VRD-MC1 ( 2006)



and the other ( without LCD display) :


These devices are used by Climbers to do videos.

Cost? around 230 u$s

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That second one has no video inputs. It's an external CD writer that writes to CD-R and CD-RW disks, but also includes a memory card reader for transferring directly from a memory card to a disk.

The first one though looks pretty nice. It's got all these inputs plus a memory card reader... It also record to DVDs rather than just regular CDs.

Video recording inputs - USB (for HDD/DVD Handycam connection), Digital Video (DV), S-Video, Composite Video, Analog L/R stereo inputs.

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yes, the First one ( sony ).

Its not more expensive than Archos av500. The extra cost will be the DVDs disk, but you can get a DVD-RW disc to recorder more than one times, the sonyVRD-MC1 support it. mmm I am thinking get it seriusly.

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Another cheaper versions.

Sony DVDirect VRD-VC30 ( 2006)



Another one ( 2005):

Sony Sony VRD-VC20 ( this one very famous in ebay for 90 u$s )

It seems to be small and portable...




Back side Hi resolution:





both 12 v power supply

What do you think? Is this the solution that we was waiting?

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