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Seeing what the aiptek pen cam see's

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I've just bought an aiptek pencam sd 2mp, already modded with a blip chip to allow remote operation.

This will be my first forray into the wonderfull world of AP, and the 2mp pencam does everything i want an onboard camera to do for the forseable future except allow me to frame the shots before i snap a photo.

I know i could get a cheap cmos wireless camera set up and aim the video cam where the pen cam points,

but i was wondering if it was possible to pick up the output from the pencam's immage sensor, and feed that via a downlink to a monitor on the ground?

I'm thinking of tapping directly into the sensor, or after it's done what ever signal prosessing it does before storing it on the sd card, is this at all possible? i realise i'd need to process the signal to allow it to be sent down a normal video downlink.

Or i was wondering if it's possible to get the data from the usb port that would go to the computer when used as a web cam, and send that data down, and maybe using a pda to process the signal and display the picture.

Is this at all feasable? or am i dreaming again, i know i should have gone for a camera with a video out function already implemented, but i wanted the pen cam for it's size and shape, it's ideal for where i want to mount it on my plane.

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