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I want to start on a major helicopter UAV project

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Hi guys,

After seeing these RC helicopters streaming the live video to a Virtual reality goggle it got me thinking on an awesome project.

At this point i have not really given any thought to a budget but would like to see if i can get your views and price on how much this is going to cost.

My idea is to have a RC helicopter either petrol or electric operated, have a flight time of 30 minutes+, have a on board cockpit colour high quality camera which moves via head movements through a VR HMD like this one www.3dvisor.com

This HMD from the above link has a microphone built in and earbuds, and has a built in 6DOF head tracker, which by default runs at 3 degrees of freedom but it can be programmed to use all six degrees of freedom via the software development kit which can be downloded at their site, for $550 you get all this plus a 800x600 OLED display. And it's stereoscopic 3d. Maybe it's possible to run this through a PC and take each frame of video and convert it into 3D in real time to give a real immersion of being in a coockpit of a helicopter or airplane.

The only problem is that this HMD has only PC connections but it there is a video conversion box you can buy which allows you to connect it to any source, i think that's priced at $200 but i have tried one of these and i tell you it's better than the iglasses, so i will be using this for my UAV project.

To be able to fly up to a big altitude if that's possible, what is the highest atlitude possible?

to be able to fly up to 10 mile radius or more if possible

Have a tracker on board so in case the helicopter crashes i can track it's where abouts through a portable display.

I would want a Heads up display giving me altitude, speed, outside temeprature, and gps map coordinates sent into the view of my head mounted display (HMD)

want the helicopter to be fast, able to perfrom stunts, and have a smoke trail

to have the airwolf shell

be small

have an external microphone on board so people can speak in to the microphone and i would be able to hear what they say through the speakers in the Headmounted display and i want to be able to use the microhpine in the head mounted dispaly to speak and i want people to hear what i am saying thorugh a speaker built into the helicopter

Also having the microphone will making flying more realistic as i can hear the engine of the helicopter.

Then i would like an onboard 640x480 camera that records to a hard disc in mpeg 4 at 30 frames per second

I would like the helicopter to fly using a joystick in my right hand and in my left hand a thrust stick to increase and decrease speed.

is anything like this possible?

or at least is it possible if i drop the size of the distance that i mentioned above?

Any help much appreciated

Many many thanks

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It's possible, but you should start small first, and get the basics down before you try anything that advanced.

After seeing people mount automatic shotguns on rc helicopters, I am sure that what you want to do is possible.

I personally want to do a similar flight control setup, with the cyclic stick between the legs and a throttle control on the left hand side. On a helicopter you would have a collective stick instead of throttle, though.

All you need to do is interface it to your radio.

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Cost. Hmmmmmmm.............. Hard to say, but plan on spending about $1000 at least. You need a camera, Tx/Rx, antennas, goggles (or at least an LCD to take with you). It adds up pretty quick, best thing is to just do as much research as possible and read everything you can find, especially this forum.

I wouldn't mind seeing an airwolf heli floating around, but for now just stick to basic stuff.

What heli are you going to buy?

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