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basic airplane VR RC project, help needed?

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Hi guys,

I made a thread for some help on how to make an advanced RC helicopter using VR goggles. I would like help on that but i also thought i would build a simple VR RC airplane or helicopter.

Could you tell me what i would need

i would like to uses this visor for all my projects,

It seems to be the best value for money

it is the z800 3d visor, you can view specs here www.3dvisor.com

for $550 you get a gyroscopic 3d tracker 6DOF but runs by default in 3DOF

has a microphone, and speakers, and is sterescopic 3d which is cool so i can play it on the PC with games, so i get to use it for the best of both worlds.

I was browsing RC hobby shops and could not believe that the easystar only costs $59

What else would i need to get into the air?

I have never flown RC's before

Any help much appreciated

Many thanks

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First, having flown both RC helis and planes before (although not in VR mode) - I'd say that you'll have a lot more pleasure flying planes with VR rather than helis. Helis are a very tricky, twitchy and difficult thing to learn to fly as it is. Add to that VR, and you're setting up yourself for flights that'll cost you upwards of $100 to repair after each "landing". Plus, you'll probably need a bigger heli to put the VR stuff on (due to weight/balancing issues) - I'm sure you wouldn't have any issues with sizes comparable to TRex 600. But anything smaller would be very questionable.

Secondly, regarding the stuff that you'll need to start flying:

1) The ARF (almost ready to fly) heli or plane

2) brushless motor/power train setup for your model (for better weight lifting), and ESC. a good gyro for the helicopter would be also needed.

4) Transmitter - Futaba 7 channel system should be sufficient (or if you got more money, go for Futaba 9 channel). Keep in mind that new TX systems are sold with needed Receiver and a few Servos. If you buy a TX only (off ebay or whatever), then you'll need to get all servos and receiver yourself. Also, TXs come in different models - for planes vs helicopters - get whatever you need.

5) Li-Ion battery (11v for brushless powertrain with >2500Mha should do it)

5) Video Transmitter/Receiver - going with the good system from http://www.blackwidowav.com/ would probably the easiest. you can of course put one together yourself, if you know what you are doing. Getting a 12V setup would probably be better since you'll avoid need for extra battery for video TX on the model (or converters down from 12v to 5V)

6) good Micro Camera - again stuff from blackwidowav.com should do it - or if you find comparable stuff for cheaper elsewhere - go for it. Someone here also posted link to http://www.digitalssinc.com/index.php?main...dex&cPath=32_33.

7) for your 3dVisor z800 goggles, you'll need a) composite video to SVGA/800x600 converter B) 5V batteries to power both goggles and converter.

8) Gyrocontrol module (to pan/tilt camera with your head) - http://www.rc-tech.ch/web/ is the only that has this stuff.

9) servos for the micro camera, to be able to control it with Gyroncontrol and Futaba TX

9) lots of time and handyman skills to put it all together

I probably missed some minor things above but it should mostly be all there


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