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FS WiPort-B kits /w pcb

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Hello All,

I've been working on a prototype wifi communication board aimed at retrofitting medical equipment. We started with the Lantronix Wiport-B module, however we decided to use their G unit instead. So, we have a small qty (approx. 15) of the Wiport-B units that we can get rid of. Since the module itself is not very handy, we will also include a pcb kit (unassembled) with the following specs:

-Wiport-B module 801.11b

-5v operation (on-board 3.3v regulator and filtering)

-1 TTL-level serial port (pos. or neg. logic)

-Ethernet port

-3 general purpose IO (CP3, CP4 and CP10)

-3 leds (WLAN pwr, WLAN act, ETH act)

-SMA antenna included (not shown on picture)

Everything is brand new. PM me if interrested




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