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I've been flying R/C planes for about 10yrs now and have always wanted to put a video camera on my plane but now that I've found this site things have become affordable and light enough that I can. ty RC-CAM Forums!

I'm looking for a gas powered platform to use, preferably push prop, so if anyone's found one of those plz post a link to one.

Also, contrary to what other prefer I want to get enough range I can fly above the clouds. I was looking at using http://www.microcameras.com/video_transmit...transmitter.htm Tx and http://www.microcameras.com/accessories/di...ty_receiver.htm for the Rx. Does anyone here know what kind of ranges with clear video you can get with that setup??? A ballpark figure would even help.

Finally, the Tx and Rx for the plane itself. If I plan on going that far with the video I need well over that for the plane itself. Any suggestions on how I can boost the plane's (actual controllable flight) range?

Pic of what I might end up using for my platform.


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