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Gyroscope Camera

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Ok, so I have a different project ( non RC application, hopefully I won't be shunned for such :) ) that would make use of a gyroscope -> camera hookup. I found this forum from surfing the web camera mounts

Looking around the forum I notice alot of people used VR goggles, did the gyroscopes come with your VR goggles? I don't need the vr goggles so i am curious if i can find a gyroscope separate, most stores where I live don't have said equipment ( i can probaby search easily )

Most interestingly though is that I am curious on how you took the signal from a gyroscope, and fed it to the camera mounts in a way that they could 'communicate' in ?

Was the gyro signal first routed to a pc port for software processing?

ie: How does the camera mount know how FAST to rotate?

Anyways I appreciate any advice on creating a pan/tilt camera controller

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