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Another Easystar project needs assistance

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hi , i new as you can probably tell and have some electronics expierence but all the infomation has kind of stopped me thinking that easy so any help appreciated. This is what i want to get if you see any problems please say

KX 131(5V)

2.4ghz 200mw Transmitter/Receiver Set (5v)

Rondo 400 Speed Controller (comes with plane)

This is what i am thinking since regualtors seem to be a pain is ass to get hold of cheaply with postage and stuff (live in UK) i was thinking hooking up a 5V power supply so no regualtor to the camera and transmitter and using the battery that comes with it for the motor, is this possible? If it isnt/is can you please recommend were i could get parts such as battery and regualtor if needed

Thanks and also great site i am hooked

Also Tx and recorder is already sorted ;)

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No idea about your budget but, have you check that?


In case the link does not work, do a search at RS UK with the reference number: 396-5102

600 mah looks like more than enough to hold your tx requirements. Your plane works with two lipo if I´m right so this unit that works from 4.5-9 v and gives 5V and 600 mah looks the right one to be used

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The link comes up with the wrong item but the RS number is ok.


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