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I just found a link on a website to the first video that I guess was the first to show R/C plane with gyroscope video cam. I was simply enthralled by this. I was wondering, being only 15 near 16 years old, does making something like this cost a lot of money? Also do I need a large amount of knowledge with electronics to start, or can I learn on my way, learning from my mistakes? Also I'm not saying that I would start out trying to get a gyroscope VR helm working ASAP. Ofcourse I'd start simple, usual crappy cam with dumb R/C car to sort of get a hold on the ropes. I was just simply amazed when he flew up in the air and was viewing all the terrain. I usually play video games as most teens do, but I find this way more amusing, being able to see everything and go anywhere while sitting. I have to admit if one of these were for sale, I'd probably buy two. Just wondering how much money/knowledge I would need to start a project of my own.

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well it sounds to me like you watched Vrflyers video at Bromont and yeah it is a inspiring vid ;) On cost it depends what you want to get, a great website for most stuff needed is http://www.blackwidowav.com . Anything else look round this site for as you will gain other infomation aswell that will help. Also the actual plane you may use is part of cost and how easy it will be. Electronics is a problem if you don't have any expierence but getting black widows ready to fly kit probaly help you (must wait till its finished)

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