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help needed to build my plane

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I want to start a FPV project with a friend. But here are the details:

1-I have no experience at all with electronics.

2-I've never piloted a RC plane. ( I guess that in fpv it will be pretty much like a flight sim)

3-I don't know much programming.

4- I live in Brazil

Will I succeed? how much I will spend? I want a good quality camera with a good transmitter to send video from miles ( maybe 2 ) away. And a good radio.

I want to have throtle, aileron, rudder and elevator control. Will a electric motor make the flight smoother? I've seen videos of a 4 stroke plane with a canopy with airspeed indicator and some LEDs. Ive also seen GPS , compass and altitude on-screen in real time. How much that adds to the project? And most important, were do I find all this stuff? What plane should I get?

I would probably buy the stuff online and then ship it to brazil.

thanks guys!

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I think the first thing you need to do is join a local RC flying club and learn to fly rc aircraft. This isn't the cheapest hobby to take up and you may not even enjoy the experience. There's alot of things you need to learn about, before you would even consider flying FPV, safety being one of the most important.

I'm in the process of putting together a FPV aircraft and when I'm finished I think I will have spent about $2500 USD.

I hope this helps.

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I agree completely with Ozflyer. You should definitely join a local club to learn the ropes, and safety points. You will be amazed at the wealth of knowledge people in a club have and usually there is somebody more than willing to help a beginner. Thats what clubs often specialize in. You should also look into getting a RC Flight Sim, such as RealFlight G3. It is a HUGE help in learning how to fly an RC airplane without the fear and cost and danger of really crashing a real RC plane.

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thanks a lot guys! I think I will start with the sim, and then join a club. what I can do is buy a cheap plane like the foam one with blue wing from vrflyer and later adapt it, after i learn to fly!

thanks a lot!

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