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Soldering replacement aerial coax to module?

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Hey Terry, yeah finally rebuilt the exploration robot far enough to start workig on improving the video link.

I'm a little worried about the stress on the PCB trace ( if soldering the pigtail directly here), I'd like to mount the connector direct to the case as in the thread, but my antenna is N which is a bit big!

any suggestions on how to go about getting the feed to the the N connector on antenna?

PS. i've bought one of these:


Maybe a MMCX connector on the case of the receiver?


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Oh yes the robot, an interesting machine for sure, be sure to post some video when you get it finished.

As you have the MMCX patch lead you may as well get a MMCX connector to solder to the receiver case. I would have made a SMA patch lead but the MMCX should be ok if you dont want to change it.


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