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Can I run a wire from my base reciever to the GP patch so my reciever can be inside while my GP patch Antenna is outside, or does the reciever have to be directly connected at the GP patch? If I can do this what kind of wire can I use?


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RG-174 or RG-178 can be used if the feedline extension is short. When using the coax, preparation of the RF connectors is important; closely follow the mfg's instructions.

Keep in mind that at microwave frequencies, most coax cable is VERY lossy. You should expect a reduction in signal strength, perhaps 1/2 to 1 dB per foot. Also, SWR issues are sometimes provoked when coax is used, so additional losses can occur.

Frankly, I think that you would be better off to skip the coax cable idea. One of the reasons for the GP Patch's success is that it avoids the feedline coax altogether. Nearly all microwave antenna systems will have higher efficiency if the coax is not used.

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