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Whats a good starting setup?

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Hi all,

I have been flying RC for 30 years now and am looking to try something new.

I also have a friend that wants to try RC and after seeing some online video of what is possible with a VR headset controlling an on-board camera he has asked me to give him a list of what is needed to do the same. He is willing to purchase the hardware if I will do the setup and assembly.

I have used a small camera/transmitter that sent the signal to a camcorder on a GWS slow stick with success and have a basic idea of what is needed.


What I am looking for now is a hardware list of the components I will need to setup a VR helmet controlled camera.

I'm not going to say that cost is no object, but my friend can afford to do this up right.

I would also like to set up a similar system in one of my Warbird racers. I dont know that I would try to fly the race with it. Rather I could put a spectator in the pilots seat as I flew in a race, well as record the action from that perspective.

Can anyone make some suggestions?


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Easiest and fastest way to an end solution is to purchase kilrah's unit from rc-tech.ch

About 1000 euros for goggles with head tracker, camera, transmitter and receiver. All you need is a couple of servos to mount the cam to and you are set.

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Not a complete and easy plugin solution, no. Kilrah's is the premier right now, as it's goggles with HT built in, and plugs right into the trainer port on your TX.

If you want to buy it in the US, you're going to have to make your own head tracker.

Personally, if you want simplicity, I would just buy Kilrah's unit. I plan on using the visors from EMagin (3dvisor.com), as they are cheaper, but they will require other devices and some custom software in order to interface it with RC. Definitely not a short term solution.

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